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The affairs of the Society are managed by the Executive Committee.

The Executive, as elected at the 2019 AGM, comprises: 

  • President: Craig Jones, Flinders University, SA
  • Vice-President: David Robson, University of Waikato, NZ 
  • Secretary: Tracey Rossi, Curtin University, WA
  • Treasurer: Robyn Klaebe, University of Western Australia, WA  
  • International Liaison: Robbie Sinclair, Australian Catholic University, Qld 
  • Webmaster: Anne Hill, University of Adelaide, SA 

The 2019 executive are shown with URMIA Presdient Luke Figora. 


Resignations: Tracey Coates (Rossi), Robbie Sinclair, Craig Jones. 

New appointments: Peter Sherwood & Belinda Olejniczak, appointed to the Executive. 

David Robson (Vice-President) appointed Atg President until the next AGM. Belinda Olejniczak appointed Atg Vice-President. 







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