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New Listserv for University members

The AURIMS mail list [] is hosted by Adelaide University. Mail lists are a useful way for members to post a question and raise issues with university members. A problem experienced by one member may have already been experienced by another member; learning how the matter was addressed can be beneficial in determining the best approach to take.

To join the listserv go to and subscribe or use the Contact section of this website to send a message. 

A listserv function is not accessible via this website, however members can email each other, or all members, from the secure (log-on) member section.

A mail list is also available for industry or business partners not directly working in the HigherEd sector - use this url to post messages. 

To join the external mail list go to subscribe. 

The AURIMS LinkedIn site has been set up to provide a confidential area for questions and discussion. See the icons above the Search function. 




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